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Improving access to next generation technologies and extending the reach of patients and caregivers

Our global reach

Leader Biomedical is rapidly increasing its global presence through the acquisition and integration of companies that enable us to better serve our customers by bringing next-generation technologies to global markets. Please click on the map below to see our global reach.

  • Active markets
  • Ventures
  • Affiliates
  • HQ - Hong Kong

The Leader Biomedical Group


  • Cameroon | active market
  • Djibouti | active market
  • Egypt | active market
  • Eritrea | active market
  • Ethiopia | active market
  • Morocco | active market
  • Nigeria | active market
  • Somalia | active market
  • South Africa | active market
  • Tanzania | active market
  • Tunisia | active market


  • China | active market
  • Hong Kong, PRC | Group Treasury + HQ
  • India | active market
  • Iran | active market
  • Israel | active market
  • Malaysia | active market
  • Taiwan | active market
  • United Arab Emirates | active market


  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Corporate Office
  • Austria | active market
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina | active market
  • Bulgaria | active market
  • Czech Republic | active market
  • France | active market
  • Georgia | active market
  • Germany | active market
  • Greece | active market
  • Italy | active market
  • Latvia | active market
  • Russia | active market
  • Spain | active market
  • Switzerland | active market
  • The Netherlands | active market
  • Turkey | active market
  • Ukraine | active market
  • United Kingdom | active market

North America

  • Mexico | active market
  • USA | active market

South America

  • Argentina | active market
  • Brazil | active market
  • Colombia | active market
  • Costa Rica | active market
  • Ecuador | active market
  • Guatemala | active market
  • Peru | active market


Leader Biomedical Limited in Hong Kong, China, oversees the organisation, and financing for Leader Biomedical through the following ventures:

  • Leader Biomedical Europe in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is our corporate office for Business Development, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Marketing & Sales, and HR.
  • Leader Biomedical India in Bangalore, India, supports our Marketing & Sales operations for India
  • Leader Biomedical Shanghai in Shanghai, China, supports our Marketing & Sales operations for China
  • Leader Biomedical Brazil in Sao Paolo, Brazil, supports our Marketing & Sales operations for Brazil
  • Leader Biomedical RUS in Moscow, Russian Federation, supports of our Marketing and Sales operations for Russia
  • Leader Biomedical APAC in Selangor, Malaysia, supports our Marketing and Sales operations in APAC
  • Leader Biomedical USA in Schaumburg, USA, supports our Marketing and Sales operations in USA
  • EMCM (European Medical Contract Manufacturing) in Nijmegen, The Netherlands is a centre of excellence in developing and manufacturing organic solvents, aqueous solutions, and highly viscous suspensions and gels for medical device and pharmaceutical companies


In pursuit of its mission, Leader Biomedical actively seeks out partners and joint ventures to improve the access of next generation products, services, and technologies in new markets across the globe:

  • NovaSterilis, Lansing, NY, USA | our preferred partner for CO2 units, is committed to designing, developing and building Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (SCCO2) sterilisers and equipment that incorporate the latest and best technology.   
  • Urogyn B.V., Nijmegen, The Netherlands | founded in 2009, development of new products in the field of urology and gynaecology, based upon a two-component polymer technology, for both men and women
  • BioTiss in Wels, Austria | human musculoskeletal tissue processing with our proprietary CO2 platform, eCOO® Technology platform and OSTEOmycin® resulting in safe, efficient, and antibiotic-impregnated allografts
  • Osteo-Pharma, Oss, The Netherlands | development of novel medication and medical devices for orthopeadic and dental applications for the local treatment of bone fractures and bone defects

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