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Spanning literally from head to toe, orthopaedic surgery focuses on the conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. This includes surgical means to treat all musculoskeletal trauma, infections, malignancies, congenital disorders, and sport injuries.

Most well-known orthopaedic surgical procedures include hip/knee/shoulder reconstruction surgery, often replacing the joint with a synthetic (metal) implant (arthroplasty), supplemented with bone cements, and bone graft substitutes. Furthermore, spinal indications are a main focal point in orthopaedic surgery where fusion of the vertebrae or reformation of the spine is the desired outcome, supported by, again, metal implants in combination with biological additives.

Next to hard tissue reconstruction, soft tissue reconstitution such as rotator cuff repair and anterior cruciate ligament repair are typical examples of sports-related injuries.

The Leader Biomedical product portfolio aims to provide multiple solutions to various common indications by offering endoprosthesis for hips, knees and shoulders, as well as cements and biomaterials.

Orthopaedic solutions

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