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About BioTiss

BioTiss GmbH is a biotechnology company with the mission of improving efficacy of allograft tissue by applying high-tech refinement according to the need of patients.

Smart grafts improve the outcome and reduce treatment time of cases with major tissue defects. Its lead product OSTEOmycin® is already successfully used in septic orthopaedic surgery.


Leader Biomedical and BioTiss

In 2016, Leader Biomedical Group and BioTiss GmbH have formed an alliance, consolidating human musculoskeletal tissue processing at their facilities in Austria and further developing the patented eCOO® Technology platform using supercritical CO2 to produce tissue products for dental, spine, orthopaedic, and wound care indications.

Using supercritical CO2 to produce superior quality allografts will improve patient care by delivering a safer, more efficient product. The eCOO® Technology platform applies supercritical CO2 to produce safe, osteogenic grafts. It is a milder technique compared to conventional tissue processing, resulting in grafts exhibiting beneficial bio-molecular and mechanical characteristics such as avoidance of protein degradation, better cell adhesion, and superior tensile strength and torque.

The eCOO® Technology platform is highly versatile and can be used to produce a variety of products such as bone void fillers, structural grafts, demineralised bone matrix (DBM), as well as connective and other soft tissue products. eCOO® Technology is used to process eTiss human allografts and OSTEOmycin®  Tobramycin and Vancomycin antibiotic-impregnated allografts.