C-ment® PMMA bone cement


Produced at our accredited facilities in Europe, Leader Biomedical’s line of C-ment® and Genta C-ment® bone cements have been marketed in Europe and across the globe since 2000, with positive clinical results. Our PMMA bone cements are available with and without added antibiotics (Gentamicin) and in two different viscosities to match surgeon preferences.

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Joint Care - C-ment PMMA Bone Cement
  • Marketed in >60 countries since 2000
  • Mechanical properties exceed International ISO 5833 Standard
  • Two different viscosities
  • Short waiting time and efficient application time
  • Stable and easy to use packaging: liquid in an ampoule and powder in a bottle


Viscosity is an essential handling property for surgeons. To match the needs and preferences of different surgeons, we supply both standard and low viscosity bone cements, offered with and without antibiotics.

C-ment® 3 is our low viscosity bone cement, which is initially more liquid, whereas C-ment® 1 is our standard viscosity cement and initially slightly thicker.


Mechanical properties

Mechanical properties are essential as they influence the connection between the bone and bone cement. Cement has an important task of uniformly distributing the impacting forces as evenly as possible.


Hardening temperature

Polymerisation of PMMA bone cement is an exothermic chemical reaction, during which the cement hardens and the temperature increases. In order to prevent necrosis of  surrounding tissue, the International ISO 5833 (2002) Standard places a limit of 90°C on the hardening temperature of bone cements.

The peak exothermic temperature of Leader Biomedical’s Genta C-ment® variants is well below this limit.

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