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Leader Biomedical’s Joint Care Reconstruction portfolio combines proven and time-tested designs with the latest in bearing and coating technologies and include systems for both total hip replacements and revisions for hip fractures. This portfolio offers targeted solutions for replacement and revision with our VarioNXT® and VarioClassic™ hip systems. It further includes eTiss® void fillers, a range of  PMMA bone cements, a cement restrictor, and single-use sterile accessories including a mixing and dispensing system and wound irrigation system.

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The primary goal in reconstructive orthopaedics is to reduce pain and restore function of the joints. Secondary objectives include restoration of limb length, replacing lost bone stock, and balancing supporting structures including ligaments in order to improve biomechanics. To achieve this, surgeons can replace worn joints with prostheses in an arthroplasty. In the case of subsequent arthroplasties, revisions, management of bone loss and infections may be required, and can be addressed through allografts.

VarioNXT® Hip System

VarioNXT® is a total hip replacement system for press-fit fixation. This system is composed of the Expersus Pressfit stem, Primaro Cup, and Primaro Cup Inlay. Both the Expersus Pressfit Stem and Primaro Cup are covered in a Titanium plasma spray and calcium phosphate coating, promoting rapid bone ongrowth and ingrowth for optimal fixation.

Expersus pressfit stem
Titanium plasma spray and hydroxyapatite coating accelerates growth of the bone onto implant, promoting stable and long-term fixation. Triple tapered shape ensures both self-clamping and necessary rotational stability.

Expersus cemented hip stem
Expersus cemented stem is made of very fine grain and has a particularly high degree of hardness and characterised by its excellent wear properties and high robustness.

Primaro cup 
Titanium plasma spray and hydroxyapatite coating accelerates growth of the bone onto the implant, promoting stable and long-term fixation. The hemispherical dynamic press-fit system promotes optimal fixation.
Available in two variants: Primaro Cup (without screw holes) and Primaro SF Cup (with screw holes)

Primaro Cup Inlays
Inlays of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) standard (ISO 5834-2) and crosslinked polyethelyne (XL-PE 75) variant, both of which are fixated to the outer cup by snap mechanism.  All inlay types have very high rotational stability and are protected from dislocation. XL-PE 75 inlays reduce friction and can thus prolong the standing time of the implant.

Biolox® Delta Inlay
Biolox® Delta Inlay offers a high level of uniformity due to the increased breaking resistance and excellent abrasion properties.

Flat headed screws, self tapping
The flatheaded screws are compatible with both Primaro and Ribbeck Slim Cups for added fixation.


VarioClassic™ Hip System

The VarioClassic™ cemented hip system is composed of the Müller Straight Stem and Müller Cup. This implant type has been used for hip endoprosthesis for decades and is one of the most commonly used cemented implants worldwide. The versatility of the Müller Straight Stem also allows for treatment of Hip Fractures when combined with our bipolar head.

Müller straight stem
The modular design of the system allows for optimal individual care of patients. The fine-blasted surface achieves a very stable anchorage of the implant with bone cement. Provides primary stability when the joint is under stress, especially in “softer” bones, thus enabling early mobilisation of the patient

SPC pressfit stem
The SPC hip stem, based on the findings of Prof. Lorenzo Spotorno, has been tried and tested for more than 20 years. The design concept is based on the idea of predominantly proximal anchorage and a long lasting mechanical stability through osteointegration.

Müller cup
The circular ridged structure serves to increase the cement compression. The traverse longitudinal grooves help distribute the bone cement and ensure the rotational stability of the cemented cup

Flat headed screws, self tapping
The flatheaded screws are compatible with both Primaro and Ribbeck Slim Cups for added fixation.

Femoral Heads

Leader Biomedical offers a variety of metal and ceramic femoral heads that can be combined with our stems to create an ideal and personalised solution for patients.

Implant steel | ISO 5832-9
Nitrogen proportion of 0.5 % considerably increases the strength of this material.

CoCrMo | ISO 5832-12
Excellent wear properties and high robustness. Femoral heads made of a Cobalt-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy are resistant to corrosion and leaching in case of contact with blood or other bodily fluids.

ELEC® femoral head | ISO 6474-1
Ceramic with excellent resistance to fatigue, excellent fracture toughness and extreme hardness. The very high durability of this material and the marked smoothness of the surface guarantee only minimal wear.

BIOLOX® Delta | Al2O3/ZrO2 | ISO 6474-2
Increased breaking resistance, excellent abrasion properties, ultrapure raw materials, and the manufacturing process guarantee highest levels of uniformity and durability of the material.

BIOLOX® forte | Al2O3 | ISO 6474-1
The BIOLOX® forte femoral head is made of ultrapure aluminium oxide which contains a small proportion of magnesium oxide to control grain growth and achieve the highest possible density.

C-ment® bone cements

Produced at our accredited facilities in Europe, Leader Biomedical’s line of C-ment® bone cements have been marketed across the globe since 2001, with positive clinical results.

  • Mechanical properties are in compliance with ISO 5833:2002
  • Different viscosities to match surgeons’ preferences
  • Available with and without antibiotics
  • Easy handling

VarioPlug® | resorbable, biodegradable cement restrictor

VarioPlug® is a flexible, biodegradable cement restrictor for orthopaedic use. It is designed to occlude the medullary cavity before the introduction of bone cement.

  • Prevents cement penetration in the diaphysis
  • Facilitates cement pressurisation during implantation of prosthesis
  • Fully resorbs within a few days
  • Reduced distal pressure
  • Easy to use
  • Recommended for use with line of C-ment® and Genta C-ment® PMMA bone cements.

Pulse Lavage | disposable wound irrigation system

Effective irrigation and wound debridement of necrotic tissue without disrupting underlying healthy tissue

• Quick locking clip to securely hold attachments
• Built-in battery pack (easily removed for safe disposal)
• Long coaxial tip for extra reach
• Ergonomic handle
• Sterile

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