Ossfinity | synthetic bone substitute putty


The art of guided bone and tissue regeneration

Ossfinity® can be used as bone void filler in spine and orthopaedic surgery and are proven an excellent alternative to human bone, especially when used in conjunction with bone marrow or proline-rich proteins (PRPs).

Ossfinity® combines OssGro® granules and an absorbable hydrogel to create a putty, which acts as a carrier for rapid vascularisation and mineralisation.

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About Ossfinity®

Leader Biomedical’s OssGro® and Ossfinity® synthetic bone substitute putty is produced with MBCP™ Technology, a proprietary method for producing high quality synthetic bone grafts composed of 60% HA and 40% βTCP.

MBCP™ Advantage

  • Regeneration
  • Macroporosity + Microporosity
  • Permeability
  • Safety


Ossfinity®  indications:

  • vertebral fusion
  • lumbar fusion
  • interbody fusion
  • tlif
  • plif
  • xlif


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