Leader Biomedical’s corporate portfolio consists of targeted therapeutic solutions for dental, spine, joint care, and sports medicine indications. View and receive brochures directly in your inbox. 

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Joint Care | Intervention

Leader Biomedical’s Joint Care Intervention portfolio offers a targeted solution for deferring osteoarthritis with Hyalosyn™ Gel. The Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injections supplement the natural human…

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Joint Care | Reconstruction

Leader Biomedical’s Joint Care Reconstruction portfolio combines proven and time-tested designs with the latest in bearing and coating technologies and include systems for both total…

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Spine | Intervention

Leader Biomedical’s Spine Intervention portfolio offers targeted solutions for treating osteoarthritis, spinal fusion, and adhesion control and prevention.


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Dental | Reconstruction

Leader Biomedical’s Dental Reconstruction Portfolio offers targeted therapeutic solutions for reconstruction addressing maxillofacial bone defects with eTiss® allografts and demineralised bone matrix (DBM)


Sports Medicine | Intervention

Leader Biomedical’s Sports Medicine Intervention portfolio offer a targeted solution for deferring osteoarthritis with Hyalosyn™ Gel Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injections. These injections supplement the natural…

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Sports Medicine | Reconstruction

Leader Biomedical’s Sports Medicine Reconstruction portfolio offers a targeted therapeutic solution for Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) reconstruction addressing ligament injury with the X-Grip® system that…

Joint Care - C-ment PMMA Bone Cement

C-ment® PMMA bone cement

Produced at our accredited facilities in Europe, Leader Biomedical’s line of C-ment® and Genta C-ment® bone cements have been marketed in Europe and across the…

Adcon Gel

Adcon Gel | absorbable adhesion barrier gel

Providing a physical barrier to inter-tissue adhesions Adcon® Gel is a biocompatible, resorbable gel that provides a physical barrier to inter-tissue adhesions and inhibits fibroblast…