Breakthrough solution based on supercritical carbon dioxide (scC02) for cleaner grafts and safer outcomes


Cleaner grafts, safer outcomes

The eCOO® Platform encompasses technology handles for cleaning, sterilising, and impregnating biological and synthetic grafts utilising a breakthrough solution based on supercritical carbon dioxide (scC02). The scCO2 extraction process is effective in inactivating viruses and provides a level of inactivation similar to that obtained by traditional methods.

eCOO® Technology platform

eCOO® Technology is Leader Biomedical’s proprietary platform of cleaning, sterilising, and impregnating human and animal derived tissues, that utilises the unique characteristics of supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2).

eCOO® Technology provides a mild and efficient platform to clean and sterilise tissue with limited use of chemicals. Research has shown that the use of scCO2 minimally affects the structural integrity of tissue grafts when compared to conventional processing techniques. scCO2 treatment also removes medullary tissues responsible for adverse immune response. In addition to the scCO2 treatment step, the eCOO® Clean process includes a viral inactivation step.The combination of these two techniques has been shown to achieve a 12-fold reduction in the microbial load in the processed grafts. The successful removal of cellular and medullary materials, and inactivation of viruses is the most crucial step in ensuring cleaner grafts for better patient outcomes.

Once cleaned of the cell and lipid debris, the non-sterile acellular tissues can also be sterilised using the eCOO® Ster process of the technology platform. The resulting sterile tissue can either be freeze-dried or fresh frozen. Alternatively, the non-sterile acellular tissue material can be first freeze-dried before terminal sterilisation with irradiation technologies.