Non-cemented femoral stem revision with OssGro® granules and Ossfinity®

A 16 year old patient underwent total hip arthroplasty following epiphyseal slippage. Eight years after the primary surgery, doctors observed a gradual loosening of the femoral stem.


Diagnosis and treatment

During the revision surgery a trochanteric osteotomy was performed to increase the stability of the new implant. OssGro® granules were used to fill the space between the residual bone and the revision stem with Ossfinity® putty securing the granules in place. The use of Ossfinity® ensured proper bone regeneration in the femoral metaphysis.



After five months, the patient had fully recovered and was pain free. As shown in the post-operative X- ray, the new revision stem was stable and regenerated bone can be observed in the remodeled implant area. The OssGro® granules and Ossfinity® putty filled the spaces between the bone and implant perfectly, providing stability.

non-cemented femoral stem revision


Uzel AP. Use of In’Oss and MBCPTM in non-cemented femoral stem revision. Courtesy of Orthopedic Surgeons CUPH