Treatment of chronic osteomyelitis after calcaneus fracture with eCOO® Clean cancellous chips

Following multiple operations after a fracture of calcaneus and both malleoli a chronic osteomyelitis was developed.


Diagnosis and treatment

After radical debridement, the fracture was stabilised with a locking plate and screws. The surgeon inserted antibiotic-infused cancellous chips cleaned with eCOO® Technology (eCOO® Clean) was impacted in order to provide an antibiotic scaffold.



The patient received two weeks of bed rest and three months of partial weight bearing. After a year, the graft was fully operated and no recurring osteomyelitis was observed.

chronic osteomyelitis


Winkler H. One Stage Treatment of Infected Non-Union using Osteomycin II. Courtesy of the Ostetitis Center Privatklinik Döbling