Treatment of infected non-union with eCOO® Clean cancellous chips.

A patient suffered from a femoral non-union after undergoing three unsuccessful surgeries in the wake of a car crash.


Diagnosis and treatment

The surgeon inserted an intramedullary nail into the femur, along with four fixating screws, and treated the infection and fracture with antibiotic-infused cancellous chips cleaned with eCOO® Technology (eCOO® Clean).



The patient could walk again without crutches within two months of the operation. After one year, the two screws serving as the upper lock  were removed to facilitate mobility. After four years, the patient suffered no impairment of mobility, and was able to actively participate in many sports, including jogging, biking, and swimming.

infected non-union


Winkler H. One Stage Treatment of Infected Non-Union using Osteomycin I. Courtesy of the Ostetitis Center Privatklinik Döbling