Leo Liyeung meets with King Willem-Alexander

Leo Liyeung, Executive Director Leader Biomedical Group, met with King Willem-Alexander during his state visit to China in October 2015.

Mr Liyeung met the Dutch King in Shanghai as a guest of Hilckmann Abbatoirs. Leader Biomedical sources porcine pericardium membranes from Hilckmann, which it processes with its proprietary supercritical CO2 (eCOO® Technology) to produce collagen membranes used in Dental and Orthopaedic applications.

“It was an honor to meet King Willem-Alexander. We talked about our collaboration with Hilckmann as well as Leader Biomedical’s ties to China and the Netherlands and how we look forward to building on the strong ties between the two countries,” explains Mr Liyeung. “I thought he was very approachable and smart – with a great sense of humor,” he added.