Prof. Reiner Schnettler joins Leader Biomedical Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Schnettler is a renowned expert in the fields of trauma surgery, large joint arthroscopy, and bone regeneration. He advises the company on its strategic development, with a focus on its scientific endeavours.

One of Leader Biomedical’s key scientific endeavours is the development of its eCOO® Technology platform used to develop new tissue graft products. Prof Schnettler is not involved in this research or the development of new tissue grafts, but his wealth of knowledge in the field of bone regeneration provides a robust soundboard that challenges the company to improve and further develop this platform.

“I am very pleased to be working with Leader Biomedical. Their eCOO® Technology platform is particularly interesting and shows great promise in the development of new tissue graft products,” explains Prof Schnettler.

Following his graduation at the Goethe University in 1980, Prof. Schnettler completed his training as a surgeon at the BG Trauma Center in Frankfurt. In 1995, he joined the University of Giessen as the Chair of the Department of Traumatology and the Laboratory of Experimental Trauma Surgery. He has been serving as the university’s Vice Dean of Medicine since 2009. He also serves as the official Spokesperson for the Collaborative Research Centre, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), focusing on “Materials for tissue regeneration within systemically altered bone”.

Prof. Schettler’s has received many awards for his life’s work, including an Honorary doctorate from the Carol Davila University in Romania and a Honorary professorship from the University of Montevideo in Uruguay. He has spent significant time abroad, working at Columbia University (USA), the Lund Orthopaedic Clinic (Sweden), the Los Angeles Orthopedic Center (USA) and the Chinese University (Hong Kong.)


Prof. Reiner Schnettler is not employed by Leader Biomedical Group or any of its subsidiaries and serves strictly as a high-level scientific advisor. Leader Biomedical Group retains sole and full responsibility for its product portfolio and any supporting claims.