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eCOO® Technology

eCOO® Technology is Leader Biomedical’s unique proprietary platform that encompasses several technology handles for cleaning, sterilising, and impregnating biological and synthetic grafts. eCOO® Technology provides a mild and efficient platform to clean and sterilise tissue with limited use of chemicals. Research has shown that the use of scCO2 minimally affects the structural integrity of tissue grafts when compared to conventional processing techniques. scCO2 treatment also removes medullary tissues responsible for adverse immune response.

Leader Biomedical has successfully applied eCOO® Technology to process human-derived cancellous and cortical bone, and tendons for over 10 years in Europe. eCOO® Technology has also been used to develop a dental membrane, derived from porcine tissue, for applications in guided bone and tissue regeneration.

MBCP synthesis

MBCP™ Technology

Leader Biomedical’s OssGro® line is produced with MBCP™ Technology, a method producing biphasic bone substitutes closely resembling natural bone, both in structure and composition, for optimal new bone formation.

Chemical synthesis of calcium and phosphate salts under controlled temperature and pressure

Controlled synthesis forms precise ratios of hydroxyapatite (60%) and beta calcium phosphate (40%) ensuring quality and homogeneity

Sublimation under controlled temperature and pressure creates an even distribution of macropores in the graft when porogen converts into a gas and evaporates

Graft with evenly distributed macropores ensures effective cell colonisation and vascularisation

Sintering is performed at an ultra low temperature ensuring the graft forms and maintains micropores, while preventing fusion of pores

Graft with evenly distributed micropores ensures effective permeability and healthy bone regeneration



Freeze-drying, also known as lyophilisation, is a well known technique which extracts water in order to preserve solids. Nowadays, this technique is used to develop novel pharmaceuticals, biomaterials and a range of soft and hard tissues. Freeze-drying allows for gentle preservation, retaining the original 3D structure of a biomaterial or tissue which is important for graft-adherence when applied in the clinic. After the freeze-drying procedure is completed, products can be stored at room temperature and generally have a longer shelf-life compared to non-freeze-dried products. In addition, this procedure omits the use of (chemical) conservatives and leaves a smaller carbon-footprint as the need for cold storage facilities is not required.

We can offer freeze-drying services to its customers for a wide variety of products and production scales with a fully GMP-qualified Zirbus that offers condenser capacity of 40 kg/hour and measuring 60 cm by 80 cm. This technique can be used to freeze dry different types of soft and hard tissues which results in excellent storage conditions. In addition, freeze-drying services are offered for pharmaceutical products, such as powders manufactured by lyophilisation process, with complex structures or porous matrixes as well as coating with antibiotics.



eCOO® Technology

eCOO® Technology provides a mild and efficient platform to clean and sterilise tissue with limited use of chemicals by utilising the unique characteristics of supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2).

eCOO Technology
MBCP synthesis

MBCP Technology

MBCP™ Technology, a sophisticated process of synthesis with several heating steps, is a proprietary method for producing high quality synthetic bone grafts composed of 60% HA and 40% βTCP.

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