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The eCOO® Technology platform

eCOO® Technology is Leader Biomedical’s proprietary platform of cleaning, sterilising, and impregnating human and animal derived tissues, that utilises the unique characteristics of supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2).

The eCOO® Technology platform encompasses several technology handles for cleaning, sterilising, and impregnating biological and synthetic grafts. These handles are generic processing protocols and production methodologies that can be combined, optimised, and then applied to a variety of tissues.


Application of eCOO® Technology

CO2 enters a supercritical state when both the temperature and pressure simultaneously exceed the critical point of 31o C and 73 atm, respectively. In this state CO2 has both gas- and liquid-like properties, providing the ideal conditions for cleaning a wide variety of tissues from both human and animal origins (allografts and xenografts). scCO2 can penetrate tissue like a gas and dissolve materials like a liquid.

By regulating pressure and temperature, the solvent strength can be adjusted to simulate a wide range of organic solvents. This dissolving power can be applied to purify and sterilize different types of tissues.

Leader Biomedical has successfully applied eCOO® Technology to process human-derived cancellous and cortical bone, and tendons for over 10 years in Europe. eCOO® Technology has also been used to develop a dental membrane, derived from porcine tissue, for applications in guided bone and tissue regeneration. We have several other pipeline products, including acellular human dermis and porcine corneas, intended for use in dermal and corneal transplants.

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The eCOO® Advantage

Conventional tissue processing techniques rely heavily on chemical and biological agents. These agents affect the inherent structural and mechanical properties of the grafts.

eCOO® Technology provides a mild and efficient platform to clean tissue with limited use of chemicals. Research has shown that the use of scCO2 minimally affects the structural integrity of tissue grafts when compared to conventional processing techniques. scCO2 treatment also removes medullary tissues responsible for adverse immune response. In addition to the scCO2 treatment step, the eCOO® Clean process includes a viral inactivation step. The combination of these two techniques has been shown to achieve a 12-fold reduction in the microbial load in the processed grafts. The successful removal of cellular and medullary materials and inactivation of viruses is the most crucial step in ensuring cleaner grafts for better patient outcomes.

For all references, please consult the eCOO® Technology brochure.



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