MBCP synthesis

The art of bone regeneration

Leader Biomedical’s OssGro® line is produced with MBCP™ Technology, a method producing biphasic bone substitutes closely resembling natural bone, for optimal bone regeneration. Unlike other bulk production methodologies, this method relies on a controlled process of synthesis, sublimation, and sintering.


  • The specific combination of 60% HA and 40% βTCP results in a highly regulated resorption rate
  • Release of Ca2+ and PO43- ions promote controlled bone regeneration


  • Macroporous structure proven ideal for cell colonisation and improved osteoconductivity
  • Microporous structure ensures interstitial fluids flow freely to enable growth factors to reach cells


  • The fully permeable network of interconnected pores absorbs three times the graft’s weight in fluids, like bone marrow, in under two minutes


  • No risk of residual chemical or organic material


  • No natural limit on availability

OssGro® synthetic bone grafts

OssGro® synthetic bone graft substitutes are produced using MBCP™ Technology. The use of this technology ensures good mechanical strength.

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