Leader Biomedical | Blueman

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the overall management of the Leader Biomedical Group of companies. The Board is responsible to define and execute the overall strategy of the companies and ensure its compliance to the global vision.

Leo Liyeung, Group Executive Director
Leo oversees corporate development, investments, as well as research and development for Leader Biomedical.
He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Economics, and Mathematics in the United States.

Basil Babychan, Group Business Director
Basil oversees corporate development and the commercial operations of Leader Biomedical.
Basil has a degree in Biotechnology and an MBA. He has been part of Leader Biomedical and EMCM since 2008.

Leader Biomedical | Blueman

Group of Companies

Leader Biomedical Limited | Hong Kong, China | oversees the organisation, and financing for Leader Biomedical

Leader Biomedical Europe | Amsterdam, the Netherlands | corporate office for Business Development, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Marketing & Sales, and HR

Leader Biomedical India | Bangalore, India | supports Marketing & Sales operations for India

Leader Biomedical Brazil | Sao Paolo, Brazil | supports Marketing & Sales operations for Brazil

Leader Biomedical RUS | Moscow, Russian Federation | supports Marketing and Sales operations for Russia

Leader Biomedical APAC | Selangor, Malaysia | supports Marketing and Sales operations in APAC

Leader Biomedical USA | eCOO® Technology development

EMCM  (European Medical Contract Manufacturing) | Nijmegen, The Netherlands | centre of excellence in developing and manufacturing organic solvents, aqueous solutions, and highly viscous suspensions and gels for medical device and pharmaceutical companies


Affiliates and Partners

NovaSterilis | Lansing, NY, USA | our preferred partner for CO2 units, is committed to designing, developing and building Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (scCO2) sterilisers and equipment that incorporate the latest and best technology.

Osteo-Pharma | Oss, The Netherlands | development of novel medication and medical devices for orthopeadic and dental applications for the local treatment of bone fractures and bone defects