Our eCOO® Platform offers a unique opportunity to become part of the community: be it via a joint-venture collaboration, or by licensing eCOO® Technology for use at your local site.

Depending on your specific company’s requirements and wishes, our team supports you throughout the complete setup process. This starts by defining an ideal cleanroom flow as per requirements and finding all the relevant additional equipment to manufacture your product. Our team is dedicated to supporting you, from machine installation to validation of production process. We will also train your team on how to use our processing, we will share our expertise, and provide instructions for machinery maintenance: keeping your in-house manufacturing under your own control.

For research groups and academic institutions, we also offer lab-scale implementations with smaller, easier adjustable machines to explore eCOO® on a wide variety of novel applications.

CMT Entrepreneur PartnerUp

Implementation of in-house processing

Great opportunity for start-ups and universities/hospitals: Licensing of eCOO® Technology for production usage on site. Includes scCO2 equipment, installation and processing know-how, and includes regulatory and marketing support.

science park

Joint Venture

A unique joint venture opportunity for
start-ups: the partner-up package includes support and collaboration to set up new company for a specific product launch or market.




Bone bank applied eCOO® Clean as processing technology on bone tissue


The objective of the bone bank was to set up local manufacturing of the eCOO® Technology platform to cater to overwhelming national demand for regenerative human allografts

The challenge was to fast-track as much as possible from building cleanroom facilities to producing viable and safe cleaned bone tissue with experienced resources.

This was made viable by the installation of eCOO® Technology equipment and the transfer of processing knowhow for bone tissue with eCOO® Clean to the internal team.

Within 6 months the processing technology was installed and qualified and production of validation batches completed. Subsequently, a GMP license and bone bank accreditation was granted to the organization.

Currently, the facility is able to continuously process tissue and supply hospitals with cleaned grafts.

“The bone bank was fully functional with a portfolio of safe and high-quality bone tissues directly after receiving accreditation.”

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