Adcon® Gel

Adcon® Gel is a biocompatible, resorbable gel that provides a physical barrier to intertissue adhesions and inhibits fibroblast migration.

This results in improved patient rehabilitation, reduced recurrent pain, and decreased number of re-operations as a result of such adhesions.

  • Adhesion control: prevents and controls adhesion formation
  • Resorbable: gradual resorption over a period of four to six weeks
  • Extensive clinical history: used in over 300,000 cases worldwide and in more than 10 clinical studies since 1996
  • Ease of use: special applicator for easy, secure application of the gel
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Benefits of Adcon® Gel

Adcon® Gel is a biocompatible resorbable gel, composed of polyglycan ester combined with absorbable gelatine in a phosphate-buffered saline.

  • Prevents adhesion formation: physical barrier to inter-tissue adhesions, adheres to the tissues it is applied onto, and inhibits fibroblast migration on and around neural tendinous structures
  • Resorbable: biocompatible gel that gradually resorbed over a period of 4-6 weeks
  • Extensive clinical history: used in over 300 thousand cases worldwide and in more than 10 clinical studies since its introduction in 1996
  • Ease of use: special applicator for easy, yet secure application of the gel to difficult to reach or irregular structures

Intra-operative vertebral area showing adhesion-free nerve roots, dura and ligament.

Adcon® Gel surrounds the nerve root, dura and the ligaments minimising adhesion.

Untreated post-operative vertebral area showing adhesions around operated area: dura, nerve root, ligament and soft tissues.


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