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Spine Intervention

Our Spine Intervention Portfolio consists of targeted solutions offering spinal fusion, adhesion control and prevention.

Adcon® Gel is a biocompatible resorbable gel that provides a barrier to inter-tissue adhesions and inhibits fibroblast migration. The result is improved patient rehabilitation, reduced recurrent pain, and decreased number re-operations as a result of such adhesions. Adcon® Gel has been used and proven in over 300,000 cases and in more than 10 clinical studies since 1996

Leader Biomedical’s Intervention Spine Portfolio is complemented with eTiss®allografts processed and cleaned with our proprietary eCOO® Technology utilising super critical carbon dioxide (scCO2), and the OssGro® and Ossfinity® line of synthetic grafts produced with MBCP™ Technology, a proprietary method composed of 60% HA and 40% βTCP.

Spine | Intervention products

Adcon Gel anti-adhesion gel

Adcon® Gel

Adcon® Gel is a biocompatible, resorbable gel that provides a physical barrier to intertissue adhesions and inhibits fibroblast migration. This results in improved patient rehabilitation, reduced recurrent pain, and decreased number of re-operations as a result of such adhesions.

Adcon Gel
eTiss DBM and box

eTiss® DBM

eTiss® DBM (Demineralised Bone Matrix) is cortical bone demineralised with the goal of exposing encapsulated growth factors, such as bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs).

eTiss DBM
eTiss void fillers

eTiss® void fillers

Cancellous and cortical bone chips with sound structural and mechanical properties for filling of bone loss and/or correcting of defects, processed and cleaned with our proprietary eCOO® Technology utilising super critical carbon dioxide (scCO2),

eTiss void fillers
Ossfinity mouldable synthetic bone graft, made with MBCP Technology

Ossfinity®synthetic bone putty

Ossfinity® combines OssGro® granules and an absorbable hydrogel to create a putty, which acts as a carrier for rapid vascularisation and mineralisation.

Ossfinity synthetic bone putty
OssGro wedge

OssGro®synthetic bone fillers

Synthetic bone substitutes for guided bone and tissue regeneration. OssGro® granules, sticks, and wedges are synthetic bone grafts produced using MBCP™  Technology. The use of this technology ensures good mechanical strength with resorption rates resembling real bone.

OssGro synthetic bone grafts