Leader Biomedical Group establishes operations in Brazil to tap the growing biomaterials market

Leader Biomedical Group has expanded its global footprint into South America with the establishment of Inovações Biológicas Comercial LTDA. Based in São Paulo, the company’s first priority will be to start registering the Group’s portfolio of biomaterials used in Orthopaedic and Dental applications.

Leader Biomedical Group’s biomaterial portfolio includes a range of bone graft substitutes, including animal- and human derived grafts processed with its proprietary eCOO® Technology. This platform uses supercritical CO2 to clean and sterilise allografts and xenografts and has proven to be more effective than conventional methods at preserving the tissue’s native crosslinking – an important factor associated with better recovery times for patients.

“We expect the eCOO® Technology platform and our line of biomaterials will fill an important gap in the national market and increase access to robust technologies and proven products at an affordable cost of care,” explains Basil Babychan, Business Director Leader Biomedical Group. “We are exploring business models that are unique for the Brazilian market to increase access and implement next generation technologies locally. We are very fortunate to have been able to partner with Dr Caio Gonçalves de Souza whose credentials as a business executive and orthopaedic surgeon gives him an in depth understanding of both the market as well as medical professionals’ needs.”

“I am truly pleased to join Leader Biomedical Group in this venture,” adds Dr Caio Gonçalves de Souza, Managing Director of Inovações Biológicas Comercial LTDA. “We expect to start the registration of niche biomaterials and implants, for dental and orthopedic applications before the end of this year. This will supplement our plan of bringing our scCO2 based eCOO® Technology to Brazil for human- and animal derived tissue processing, enabling a new standard for tissue grafts in the country.”

The incorporation of Leader Biomedical Brazil follows the establishment of Leader Biomedical India, which is already operational.