Leader Biomedical announces acquisition of International Orthopaedics Holding GmbH

Amsterdam | Geisingen | 27 February 2018 |

Leader Biomedical is pleased to announce the phased acquisition of International Orthopaedics Holding GmbH (International Orthopaedics), a manufacturer and distributor of orthopaedic implants based in Geisingen, Germany. The companies have entered into a notarial deed on the 20th of February, 2018. This phased acquisition is in line with Leader Biomedical’s vision to expand its therapeutic solutions offering in Germany and to enhance its infrastructure for global operations.

“I am excited to partner with Leader Biomedical. We see that with the support of Leader Biomedical’s team, we will be able to increase our offerings of orthopaedic implants to our customers to include cements, bone grafts, and additional biomaterials for spine and sports. Leader Biomedical’s investments into International Orthopaedics will further help us strengthen our position on the German market in offering value-added services to our customers,” shares Marc Bittenbinder, Founder and Managing Director of International Orthopaedics Holding GmbH.

“We are eager to welcome International Orthopaedics to the Leader Biomedical Group,” says Mr. Leo Liyeung, Group Executive Director of Leader Biomedical Group. “International Orthopaedics has been a reliable partner for Leader Biomedical from the start. Their strengths are highly complementary to ours, and together, we can create myriad opportunities for further growth.”

Customers in Germany will benefit from International Orthopaedics’ infrastructure, complemented by Leader Biomedical’s solutions portfolio, next generation technologies, and dedicated customer service. International Orthopaedics’ current portfolio of orthopaedic implants will be supplemented with C-ment®, a high-quality line of PMMA bone cements with and without gentamycin, the X-Grip® system, a leading ACL reconstruction solution, eTiss® allografts processed with Leader Biomedical’s proprietary eCOO® Technology using supercritical carbon dioxide, as well as the Ossfinity® and OssGro® line of synthetic grafts produced with MBCP™ Technology, a proprietary method which combines 60% HA and 40% βTCP.

“The acquisition of International Orthopaedics is consistent with Leader Biomedical’s ambitions to expand our on-ground operations in Europe. We are pursuing strategic opportunities in catering to local healthcare establishments and in providing affordable healthcare services with International Orthopaedics. We shall be investing in the infrastructure of International Orthopaedics to integrate Leader Biomedical’s supply chain and after sales capabilities. Over the next years, we envision to further develop customer management in the DACH region through Geisingen“, adds Basil Babychan, Group Business Director Leader Biomedical Group.

This acquisition reaffirms Leader’s vision for the DACH region after the discontinuation of the partnership with aap Joints GmbH in 2017 and an increased investment into BioTiss GmbH in early 2018. The acquisition of International Orthopaedics is the latest investment by Leader Biomedical and follows its earlier expansions into India, Brazil, Russia, and Malaysia in 2016 and the U.S.A. in 2017.


About International Orthopaedics Holding GmbH: “Innovation in Orthopaedics”

International Orthopaedics Holding GmbH is dedicated to safety in procedures by providing innovation and performance to patients as well as offering education and great service support to healthcare professionals. IO Holding GmbH offers high performance implants and instruments from trusted, high-Quality German and other European manufacturers (www.io-holding.com)


About Leader Biomedical: “Extending Your Reach”

Leader Biomedical is committed to contributing to the betterment of the global healthcare community with proven solutions and continuous innovation, and extending the reach of patients and caregivers by improving global access to reliable, targeted therapeutic solutions and new technologies. Leader Biomedical’s portfolio offers therapeutic solutions; focusing on orthopaedic, dental, spine, trauma and sports medicine (www.leaderbiomedical.com)