Leader Biomedical and Urogyn intensify collaboration and launch Urolastic™ in South East Asia in summer 2017

Urogyn B.V. and Leader Biomedical are proud to announce another milestone in their collaboration, with the launch of Urolastic™ – an innovative Urinary Stress Incontinence product – in the summer of 2017 in South East Asia

Many women suffer from Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), radically affecting their quality of life due to restraining problems. Their social life is negatively influenced by involuntary leakage during coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise.

“With Urolastic™, we are able to bring an innovative, cost-effective, minimally invasive, and above all, female-friendly procedure for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence in women. Our partnership with Leader Biomedical allows us to further expand our ambition to become the first option after pelvic floor muscle training to treat stress urinary incontinence on a global level”, says Martijn Ligtenberg, COO/CFO, Urogyn B.V.

“We seek to address a condition that affects, on average, one in four women over the age of 18. With Urolastic™, Leader Biomedical APAC is able to harness its regional presence and bring to market a novel solution thereby improving the quality of life of such affected patients” shares Padmanabhan Mahalingam, Managing Director, Leader Biomedical APAC.

Urolastic™ is an extremely biocompatible rubbery compound that forms in place after injection. The product consists of a dual syringe that is connected to a static mixing tube with a needle. When the dual syringe is compressed, the two components meet and mix in the static mixing tube. The mixed compound is then passed through the needle. This permits small amounts of compound to be placed in the tissue around the urethra. The mixture forms as small flexible balls, which are over time encapsulated in scar tissue. Urolastic™ is injectable and does not shrink or degrade, thus remains effective in the longer term. The material also shows on X-rays and ultrasound and can be removed if required.

“Urolastic™ is a new therapeutic solution within our corporate portfolio available to our South East Asian and Indian operations. The extended alliance with Urogyn expands our downstream value chain and affirms our vision to continuously improve global access to reliable next generation technologies and healthcare solutions to patients and caregivers worldwide”, adds Basil Babychan, Business Director, Leader Biomedical Group.

The launch to APAC further solidifies the partnership between Urogyn B.V. and Leader Biomedical and follows the registration of this novel therapeutic solution in India, approval of which is expected later this year.

About Urogyn: Urogyn was founded in 2009 with the ambition of developing new products in the field of urology and gynaecology, based upon a two-component polymer technology. The first products are now used in the treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) for both men and women. More products are expected to be commercially launched in the near future for birth control and treating faecal incontinence (www.urogynbv.com).

About Leader Biomedical: Leader Biomedical is committed to improving global access to innovative biomaterials and implantable medical devices and extending the reach of patients and caregivers by developing new technologies, delivering world class contract manufacturing services, and providing healthcare solutions. Leader Biomedical offers a wide range of therapeutic solutions, focusing on orthopaedic, dental, wound care and sports medicine. Our orthopaedic products can be used in both surgical and non-surgical procedures related to treating conditions ranging from musculoskeletal trauma, infections, malignancies, congenital disorders, reconstructive dental surgery, and sports injuries (www.leaderbiomedical.com).