Joint Care - C-ment PMMA Bone Cement


C-ment® and Genta C-ment® bone cements have been marketed in Europe and across the globe since 2000, with positive clinical results.

Leader Biomedical’s C-ment® and Genta C-ment® PMMA bone cements are available with and without added antibiotics (Gentamicin) and in two different viscosities to match surgeon preferences. All our cements comply with or even exceed the International ISO 5833 Standard for PMMA bone cements.

Костный цемент

  • Marketed in more than 60 countries since 2000
  • Mechanical properties exceed the International ISO 5833 Standard
  • Two different viscosities for various applications
  • Short waiting time and efficient application time
  • Stable and easy to use packaging: liquid in an ampoule and powder in a bottle
  • Meets leading European and international standards
  • Produced at our accredited facilities in Europe
Joint Care - C-ment PMMA Bone Cement

C-ment® Performance


Viscosity is an essential handling property for surgeons. To match the needs and preferences of different surgeons, we supply both standard and low viscosity bone cements, offered with and without antibiotics. C-ment® 3 is our low viscosity bone cement, which is initially more liquid, whereas C-ment® 1 is our standard viscosity cement and initially slightly thicker. All cements comply with the International ISO 5833 Standard for PMMA bone cements, which defines the physical, mechanical, packaging, and labelling requirements.

Low hardening temperature

In order to prevent necrosis of  surrounding tissue, the International ISO 5833 (2002) Standard places a limit of 90°C on the hardening temperature of bone cements. The peak exothermic temperature of Leader Biomedical’s Genta C-ment® variants is well below this limit.

Antibiotic bone cements

Most frequently used bone cements contain Gentamicin, an antibiotic covering some 62% of all gram-negative bacteria. Adding Gentamicin to bone cements prevents the adherence of bacteria to the cement surface and surrounding tissue, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and infection. Leader Biomedical’s Genta C-ment® 1 and Genta C-ment® 3 include added antibiotics for local antibiosis. To ensure effective antibiosis without compromising the mechanical strength of the product, we limit the amount of antibiotics to 3-4% of the total powder volume. Genta C-ment® offers a high initial release of antibiotics that steadily decreases over time. The burst release initially reduces the risk of resistant bacterial strains while the extended release helps maintain physiologically relevant local concentration of antibiotics needed for sufficient prophylaxis


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Joint Care - C-ment PMMA Bone Cement

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