Joint Care - C-ment PMMA Bone Cement


Leader Biomedical’s line of (Genta) C-ment® bone cement provides a comprehensive portfolio with a long history and positive clinical results.

Our PMMA bone cements are available with and without added antibiotics (Gentamicin), in different viscosities and in different volumes to match surgeon preferences.

All our (Genta) cement variants comply with or even exceed the International ISO 5833 Standard for PMMA bone cements and meet leading European and international standards.

Leader Biomedical offers a comprehensive bone cement portfolio with C-ment® bone cements, with different volumes and in different viscosities, as well as excellent handling properties in terms of performance and versatility that address specific user needs: from the experienced surgeons to the next generation of orthopaedic surgeons.

Our facilities have the highest commitment concerning product quality, reliability and efficacy.

Leader Biomedical’s C-ment® is our classic cement with reliable performance and clinical track record. Our C-ment® variants’ mechanical properties exceed International ISO 5833 Standard, are available in different viscosities for various applications and meet leading both European and international standards.

(Genta) C-ment® 1 standard (high) viscosity

  • Short waiting time
  • Efficient application time
  • Immediate stable fixation

(Genta) C-ment® 3 low viscosity

  • Ease of preparation
  • Efficient procedure time
  • Convenient volumes for knee surgery
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VarioPlug® cement restrictor

VarioPlug® is a resorbable, biodegradable cement restrictor for orthopaedic use. It is designed to occlude the medullary cavity before the introduction of bone cement.

VarioPlug® prevents cement penetration in the diaphysis, facilitates cement pressurisation during implantation of prosthesis and fully resorbs within a few days.

  • Reduced distal pressure
  • Resorbable
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to use

VarioPlug® is available in a wide range of sizes:









VarioPlug® is compatible with all bone cements, such as Leader Biomedicals range of  (Genta) C-ment® and (Genta) C-ment® NXT PMMA bone cements.

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Pulse Lavage

Pulse Lavage is a fully disposable wound irrigation system for effective irrigation and wound debridement of necrotic tissue without disrupting underlying healthy tissue.

  • Promotes growth of granulation tissue
  • Supports implant fixation
  • Reduces risk of embolism
  • Built-in battery pack (easily removed for safe disposal)
  • Quick locking clip to securely hold attachments
  • Long coaxial tip for extra reach
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Single-use, avoids contamination
  • No costs for resterilisation of device
  • Sterile

Hip Systems

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VarioNXT® Hip System

Leader Biomedical’s VarioNXT® Hip System provides a targeted joint care solution for hip replacement and construction.

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VarioClassic™ Hip System

Leader Biomedical’s VarioClassic Hip System provides a targeted joint care solution for hip fracture revision.